Fritzing is a printed circuit software that permits you to do beautiful Arduino sketch. Furthermore, you can export this one on a picture to use it as you want.

New versions of Fritzing are not free but you can still download an old version which is free.

To learn how to use this software, we recommend you our course on it !

To download Frtizing, you have 3 solutions :

Download Fritzing 0.9.3b for FREE

Download Fritzing : here

Download Fritzing 0.8.7b for FREE

You can also download the version 0.8.7.b which is free. You have to go on this website : here

Dowload the last version of Fritzing for 8 euros

You can go to Fritzing website and download the last version. Nevertheless, you have to pay at least 8 euros to contribute to the developing team.

This is the link to download the last version of Fritzing: here